1. Make a list for list app
  2. Hit up the 7/11 down the block
  3. Pack a dip
    More than once
  4. Pull out his junk in the living room
  5. Play NHL 14 for Xbox 360
    Add him at @HurlDawg19
  6. Rap to a rap song
  7. Wake up at noon
  8. Sing to a country song
  9. Talk hockey
    The guy is a future scout
  10. Beat our roommate B-Hud in a game of NBA2K
  11. Text all his girlfriends
  12. Enjoy a margarita
    Check out @HurlDawg19 for his margarita list
  13. Play pickup hockey
    That's the 2nd thing he does daily
  14. Command the dock.