Golf is good. Golf is great.
  1. You can play against yourself
  2. It's peaceful
  3. You get to hit a ball as hard as you can or with as much finesse as possible
  4. You can drink beer
  5. You can smoke a cigar
  6. Your clubs and sets are customizable
  7. Golf carts
  8. You get to hang with your buddies
  9. Good exercise
  10. You can show off
    ... Or not
  11. There are few things more satisfying than sinking a putt
  12. Greatly satisfying but not as much as sinking the putt is smashing a good drive
  13. Golf courses are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes
  14. The people who golf usually have good financial habits. This is good. Hopefully this rubs off
  15. Visors
  16. "Play the ball where it lies"
    Don't come looking for handouts in this game.
  17. So many people golf. Just by playing golf you give yourself an advantage in social situations. Lots of academics play golf. This is useful as a golfing grad student who is trying to network.