a living language.
  1. 😎 I have used this emoji exactly once in my life, during a snapchat from a First Class upgrade.
    also pictured: a Perrier and a Fast Company. I took to the Young Professional lifestyle with ease.
  2. 👻 everything in your life is going so good right now, are you a ghost texting me from heaven?
  3. 👉👌 get iiiiittttt.
  4. 💸 on the smaller screen of the iPhone 4 I thought this was a stack of money with a gun through it and it was much more useful.
  5. 〰 sending vibes.
    everyone I know is trying to get pregnant rn so I'm getting lots of texts that require ovulation vibes: 〰 + 🔜,🔃, 🔙. cool.