My new business is starting to make money
  1. I started an equestrian center three months ago and it's finally starting to pay for itself
  2. I had the misfortune of being let down by the manager I hired to run the establishment he not only let me down I can honestly say he hurt me more than anyone has in years he disappointed me on a day that mattered the most to me and my daughters
  3. He dropped them after months of practice and hard work for the inter schools competition .. It was so lame really he couldn't get his act together to even show up on time , he flopped their entries and ultimately they could not compete....the look on my 7 year old face brought me to tears something I have not done in years
  4. My happy thought for the day is I'm meeting a new instructor today I feel hopeful I hope it will be the right fit I've decided her interview will be to teach a riding lesson today and if the students like her she will take over
  5. My next happy thought is that I know my current manager is stealing student payments He's even been so arrogant to try and sell me his saddle to settle the money he has stolen .... I'll be so happy to give him his marching orders soon what a relief !
  6. Finally I can have my new business up and running properly with hopefully someone that's trustworthy and honorable ....