Three Happy Moments From Today

We had a western fun day camp for kids
  1. The kids and I
  2. Super smiles all round
  3. First time on a pony
  4. Ready for water balloons
  5. Gosh there were so many kids that came
  6. Grooming Golden
  7. I divided them up into two large groups
  8. Bull riding when you don't have a bull we made do with this barrel
  9. We kept the kids nice n busy with pony dress ups
  10. Trampolines are always fun for kids of all ages
  11. Golden looking pretty with his flowers 😂
  12. The kids did pony rides
  13. Even the moms couldn't resist the fun
  14. My little minpin cupcake was spoilt rotten
  15. We mixed it up with some bareback riding
  16. Even the dads had some fun
  17. This little cutie had her first sit on a horse
  18. All in all it was a great day of fun 25 kids a lot of laughs and ready to head home 😊