A moment of reflection
  1. Working in a high pressure role does take its toll, as a small business owner taking risks, being accountable for staff employed and their families, every decision I make on a daily basis affects lives
  2. It's a lonely road the more successful my company becomes the more I make which kind of is the point ...the more isolated I have become my old friends compliment me on my success and I feel weird ... Can't we just be normal and hang out ?
  3. I feel instantly uneasy making new friends bringing them to my house is always a fun experiment why don't they just relax instead of looking like they stepped into wonderland behavior becomes rigid I can see their discomfort set in and weirdness takes over
  4. The I have a business idea for you that is going to benefit you line that I've started getting by almost every new friend I've made ... Which usually involves me forking out cash for some scheme which has no benefit to me at all ... And off they trot when I say no thanks never to be heard of again
  5. Not being able to share business victories with your current friends or family makes it especially lonely
  6. Is it no wonder why it so important to make the right hiring decisions? These people become your friends your support and your biggest cheerleaders
  7. I have learnt to treat the team I work with as the most important people in my life when I look around at my fellow business owners having challenges with their staff I realize how lucky I am to have these amazing people