What is Smart Casual?
  1. Collared Oxford Shirt
  2. Chinos
  3. Boat Shoes
  4. Vans
  5. Dark jeans
    Suggested by @KieranMarjoniemi
  6. A trimmed beard
    Suggested by @KieranMarjoniemi
  7. Anything other than what you eventually decided smart casual to be.
    Suggested by @garthtravers
  8. When you're intelligent, but don't show it off.
    Suggested by @mileskatay
  9. A Floral Dress
  10. Good Pair of Target Thongs @mileskatay
  11. A smug sense of self satisfaction
    Suggested by @anisha_sara
  12. A Bop it
    Suggested by @jayedubbz