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I made $400 tonight, at an hourly rate of about $33/hr
  1. The Dick Jiggler
    Didn't really want me to dance on him, just wanted to jiggle his dick around while I swayed back and forth. Day shift, no tip.
  2. The Boob Demander
    Even though I explicitly stated that I can't take my clothes off, he kept demanding that I take my boob out. He wanted my boob in his mouth. Boob or no tip. Boob boob boob boob boob.
  3. The Shy Upskirt (2 sets)
    He tipped well on stage all night, at every single stage set I danced. We finished our first set, he counted his money for a second, and then politely and quietly asked me to put my skirt back on. He was not handsy and I adored him.
  4. The Friendly Moaner
    Complimented me on being "real" and then moaned SUPER loudly.
Marijuana and Red Bull are a hell of a combo
  1. Throwing ones on stage as a metaphor for ejaculation
  2. The inversion of and reliance on patriarchal power structures within the club
  3. The sexualization of youth but popularity of "older" girls
  4. How the attention of attractive women correlates to male status
  1. Chug 3 red bulls
  2. Get in my feelings
  3. Bring my ass to work
There's etiquette, and you're breaching it.
  1. Don't fuck up other people's money!!!!
  2. Stealing customers
    This ranges from talking to people who are at my stage to sidling up to my guy when I go to the bathroom/locker room/IT DOESN'T MATTER.
  3. Latching on
    If a girl is about to sell a dance or room and you feel like you really want a slice of that guys money, you're greedy and need to back the fuck up.
  4. Shit-talking other dancers, especially to customers
    It fucks up money for that dancer AND makes customers uncomfortable.
  1. Explain to men that women are humans
  2. Tell men how to treat me
  3. Reassure men that they're normal
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I had to be drunk for the show with @olive so I started early. Like... Three hours early.
  1. Daddy Needs His Rosé
    A fruity little bubbler at Corner to kick off the night.
  2. A sour watermelon beer and two gin limeades
    We moved on from Corner to Le Garage, where the bartender Alain absolutely killed it. They also work at Mobtown Ballroom, so grab a drink from them and be wOwEd. I don't even like gin.
  3. Several glasses of sparkling wine during the show
    Shout out to Dibon for being cheap and tasty!
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This is for me personally, I know different girls handle things differently.
  1. You don't touch me too much.
    For a person who flirts for a living, I'm not big into physical contact with new people.
  2. You tip excessively.
    You give me money to talk, buy me champagne, and tip extra for dances (especially if you cum in your pants!!!!)
  3. You make me laugh!
    Entertaining clients are more fun to work with, which puts me in a better mood, leading to a more connected dance.
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  1. Make a list before I'm ready
    I am a mess
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