I had to be drunk for the show with @olive so I started early. Like... Three hours early.
  1. Daddy Needs His Rosé
    A fruity little bubbler at Corner to kick off the night.
  2. A sour watermelon beer and two gin limeades
    We moved on from Corner to Le Garage, where the bartender Alain absolutely killed it. They also work at Mobtown Ballroom, so grab a drink from them and be wOwEd. I don't even like gin.
  3. Several glasses of sparkling wine during the show
    Shout out to Dibon for being cheap and tasty!
  4. Custom cocktail and a beer
    Post show we took my roommate out dancing, they were serving a custom gin cocktail had one of my favorite beers (Yards Pynk) on tap.
  5. So. Much. Water.