Things That Could Go Wrong

Everyone tells you these things aren't likely, and thus you shouldn't be afraid. You should be afraid of and disease. Ok, I see your point, but hear me out. On the off chance these things did happen, they'd be pretty fucking terrifying, and you would've wished you could've just been hit by a car.
  1. I was probably attacked by a shark in a former life. This is the only thing that could explain this fear that actually kept me from the deep end of the fucking pool as a kid.
  2. My upcoming Uruguay trip has me studying up on safest airlines and how to's on surviving a plane crash.
    But if I'm being real with myself I'd just panic. They'd investigate the remains and be like "well this girl could have survived but she didn't even bother getting out of her damn seat, she just resigned herself to her cruel fate".
  3. Things that should not keep an 11 year old up at night- the inevitable apocalypse. We're all going to die, all at once, and it's not gone be pretty.
    Never include fucking Mayan predictions in a 6th grade history lesson. Just fuck you.
  4. I'm pretty sure ghosts are a thing. So far they've been cool to me, so I just gotta keep on picking places to live in where people haven't been cruelly murdered.