Weird Things I Did Last Night

But at least I didn't eat pizza off the floor like my roommates boyfriend.
  1. Project Bad Voodoo Onto The Opposing Beer Pong Team
    I'd just like to point out this was 90% effective. The good voodoo I projected on to my teammate was significantly less effective? Are my evil powers stronger than my good ones?
  2. Search My Apartment For Ghosts Using An App
    I also did this sober, but it was a lot more socially acceptable drunk. It was a funny ice breaker rather than a worrisome delusion.
  3. Hide in Corners To Avoid Boys
    Apparently turning around and facing a corner to avoid speaking to an annoying boy still doesn't send the message. "You seem unimpressed." Observant boys are.
  4. Stare At People Intently To Express Attraction
    Oddly, they did not walk over to talk to me.