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Holy shit our first kiss was perfect
  1. A boy you really really really like
  2. A field full of blankets
  3. Under the stars
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  1. 2 big cans crushed tomatoes
  2. 2 cans black beans
  3. 1 can kidney beans
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I've been having the best days recently
  1. This concert
  2. Look at this stage
  3. This crewneck is amazing
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  1. Where is he
  2. Where is he
  3. Where is he
  4. Does my head hurt?
There's this band in town and a boy too
  2. Burn a CD for this boy so he can fully enjoy the band even after the show
  3. Wash my favorite jeans
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  1. The laundry room
  2. My car
  3. Inside my school
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  1. I'm actually a really happy person
  2. People find me super positive when they're the right people to spend time with
  3. If I'm not happy with someone that doesn't mean I'm sad, just that they're wrong for me!
  4. I am a positive person!
Songs given to me by someone important and pretty songs to share
  1. Jackie and Wilson- Hozier
  2. From Eden- Hozier
  3. Love Love Love- Avalanche City
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