Greenhouses are basically small zoos, with a focus on growing decorative plants. I've found quite a few animals at the greenhouse I'm working at this summer.
  1. Turtle // Alive
    It was actually a snapping turtle. I tried to save it, but it rewarded my kindness by attempting to bite me. It was terrifying.
  2. Mouse // Alive
    There was a mother mouse with a bunch of baby mice. I was not expecting to see them, but it was pretty neat, actually, since they weren't inside the greenhouse. Side note: baby mice look really weird.
  3. Mouse // Dead 😭
    I've seen plenty of dead mice at the greenhouse. Either they get run over, or one of the other workers viciously attacks them with a shovel, or there are traps set up.
  4. Cat // Alive
    The other day, when I was walking back to the break room, I saw a cat. It may have been a stray, or just a neighbor's cat. I decided to avoid it, because it may have be been rabid, or something.
  5. Cat // Dead 😭
    My first day at the greenhouse this summer, there was an awful smell that all of the workers kept on telling the boss about. He discovered a cat corpse above the break room. It reeked. And it was sad. It must have got into the greenhouse and never figured out how to get out, and starved.
  6. Bird // Alive
    Birds like making homes in the greenhouse. There's nests everywhere, and there's a constant noise of chirping and fluttering of wings. It's actually pretty peaceful.
  7. Bird // Dead 😭
    Frequent enough, I'll see a dead bird, just sitting there, on the ground. Either they flew into the greenhouse and couldn't figure out how to get out, or they ran into the clear plastic too hard when trying to get out, or got into a giant bird gang war, or just died of old age... Or the greenhouse owner's son shot them for fun.
  8. Human // Alive
    This one's crazy. It's so rare to find humans nowadays. And I feel lucky to have discovered some. Isn't it rad?
  9. Frog // Alive
    Frogs always jump out at me when I'm not expecting it, which is terrifying. I'm never ready for jump scares like that.
  10. Tick // Alive 😭
    It was on my ankle when I found it, and I killed it before it could start sucking my blood. But it was scary; I hate parasites.
  11. Spider // Alive
    Eight legged and varying in size, in color, and in startling factor... I don't mind spiders as much as ticks, for obvious reasons.