Favorite twins

In no particular order; (this is how it's done @clairebaade and @unclebrisef)
  1. Zack and Cody
    The characters, not the actors
  2. Fred and George Weasley
    My second and third favorite members of the Weasley family
  3. The Property Brothers
    Real estate geniuses
  4. Zak and Wheezie
    My favorite Dragontales characters
  5. Leonel and Marco Salamanca
    Aka the Cousins from Breaking Bad
  6. The Grady Twins
    "Come and play with us"
  7. @clgrant and and her sister, Cathryn
    I don't really know Cathryn, tbh
  8. @elelcooljoe and I are pretty neat, too, sometimes
    *humble cough*