I have been conditioned to respond to a wide variety of names
  1. Samuel Jack Brouwer
    That's my full name
  2. Samuel
    That's my first name
  3. Sam
    Because it's short for Samuel
  4. Brouwer
    That's my last name
  5. Bro-wer
    A misspelling of Brouwer, my last name
  6. Joe
    That's my identical twin's name, so I am used to responding to it
  7. Joe Bro-wer
    A combination of my twin's name and my mispronounced last name
  8. Jack
    Jack is my middle name; some people thought it was my first name, too, for some reason...
  9. Sambo
    My younger brother used to call me this
  10. Dick
    I got used to people calling me this a while ago. For some reason, they thought my name was Richard, I guess
  11. Samantha
    People call me this when I act more feminine than normal. But hey, who doesn't love Twilight?
  12. Twin
    Because I'm a twin, I respond to people that tell "twin!" at me
  13. Samuel Jackson
    It's similar to my name, though it is actually the name of a somewhat famous Hollywood actor
  14. Not Kevin
    Kevin is what some people call my twin, for some reason
  15. Kevin
    Some people call me Kevin because they think I'm my identical twin brother
  16. Samson
    Get it? Like the biblical character? With the strength?