Songs that give me all the feels

Music is so great, in case you were unaware. Here are a couple of the songs that make me emotional in multiple ways. My descriptions of these songs do not do them any justice (I hardly even know what I'm talking about.)
  1. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons
    I just love his voice and the instruments and the mingling of sounds and the buildup and harmonization at the end... It all gives me goosebumps. I also love the lyrics. "But it was not your fault but mine. And it was your heart on the line. I really f***ed it up this time, didn't I, my dear?" Maybe because I f*** things up pretty often.
  2. 17 by Youth Lagoon
    I love the singer's voice in this one, too; it's kind of strange, but it's fantastic. The mixture of sounds is amazing. About halfway through the song, there's a sort of buildup, with a change in tone, and with a bunch more sounds added, that never fails to give me goosebumps. I also love the lyrics, though I don't really understand most of them.
  3. Montana by Youth Lagoon
    Youth Lagoon's sound is just so great. Similar to 17, Montana has such a great vibe, and about halfway through, there is a change in tone and a buildup of sounds that is just so fantastic and that gives me so many goosebumps and makes my heart beat like I'm running... I always listen with the volume at max. It is pure bliss. I don't pretend to understand the lyrics in this song, either.
  4. Goner by Twenty One Pilots
    This song has a great, slow start, a buildup about halfway through, where the beat picks up and everything gets louder, and then the singer starts screaming. It never fails to bring goosebumps to my neck and beating to my heart. I also love the lyrics. "I'm a goner, somebody catch my breath, I want to be known by you." I sometimes feel like I need someone to come help me "catch my breath" before I'm totally a "goner."
  5. Halo by Beyoncé
    I don't know why this song makes me so emotional. Maybe just because I feel like I can sing it really loud. Maybe just because it's freaking Beyoncé, who is the queen. Either way, it's a pretty cool song.
  6. All We Have is Now by The Modern Electric
    I just think this song is so sad. "There'll come a day when it's all over. All we have is now." Come on, now, that's pretty sad; they're not going to be together forever, so they have to make the most of it. And even though this song is romantic in nature, I still relate, because I've had to say goodbye to numerous people, and I've had to make the most out of the time we had together.
  7. Trees by Twenty One Pilots
    The music in this one is pretty great. It builds and builds and has a great beat and a fantastic mixture of sounds, that makes my skin all bumpy and my heart go fast. And I love the lyrics in this one, "I can feel your breath. I can feel my death. I want to know you, I want to see, I want to say, hello." I feel like this has a kind of religious meaning; it speaks to me, because all I want is to know my God better.
  8. Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend
    Pretty cool song. I like the music, and the buildup and all the sounds, and the singer's voice is great. Also, the lyrics: "If I can't trust you then damn it, Hannah. There's no future, there's no answer." Everything fails if you can't trust people, in any type of relationship, not just the romantic kind.
  9. Some Nights by fun.
    This is one of the first songs I learned all the lyrics to. The singer also has a pretty great voice, and all of the instruments and sounds are great. I love the lyrics, too. "But I still wake up, I still see your ghost. Oh, Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for." There's a bunch of self doubt in these lyrics that I can resonate with, and it's emotional and sad and confusing... So many feels.
  10. December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) by Frankie and The Four Seasons
    Throwback to last October, when I went on a retreat with my dorm and my floor played this song nonstop while we all packed up the next day, and then again when we got back to the dorm. It became a sort of floor theme, and I can't help but think back on that night, and I just feel so much love for my floor whenever it's played.
  11. Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
    I know all of the lyrics to this song. The singer is great at conveying feeling and emotion, often by screaming and yelling, and the buildup of music in this song is also fantastic. Its existentialistic lyrics are so great and they make me feel so many things. "I ponder of something great. My lungs will fill, and then deflate. They fill with fire, exhale desire. I know it's dire, my time today..." Just, so good. So good.
  12. Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw) by NEEDTOBREATHE
    "Brother, let me be your shelter. Never leave you all alone. I can be the one you call, when you're low." This song made me weep at least twice, when I felt so blessed to have "brothers" of my own, people I can turn to whenever I feel low, and whenever I need help. I have people that I can call brothers, and for that, this song makes me feel so incredibly blessed and happy.