1. Success
  2. Foodgasms
  3. Chills from music
  4. Happiness
  5. Other emotions
  6. Tears
    From happiness, or from other emotions
  7. Emotional attachment
    To real people, or to fictional characters
  8. Thrills
  9. Differences from my twin
  10. Sleep
  11. Freedom from fear
  12. Freedom from insecurity
  13. The ability to make others happy
  14. An understanding of something complex
  15. An understanding of someone complex
  16. Sense of accomplishment
  17. Good health
  18. Clean feeling
  19. Everything to be organized and neat
  20. Originality
  21. Comfort
  22. Love
    I want to have love for friends, family, God, and frankly, for this whole fallen, chaotic world
  23. Conviction
    To actually do something about that love
  24. People to stop hurting each other
  25. No more feelings of helplessness
  26. Peace
  27. Courage
  28. Knowledge of what the future holds
  29. Certainty
  30. Strong faith
    Especially in tough times