Lately, I seem to have a lot of time where my mind is free to just wander all over the place and worry about any and every little thing. Here are the things I worry about.
  1. I worry about what I'm going to study
    After changing my major from engineering to undeclared, there is a lot to consider. Honestly, I know what things I might like, but I have no clue what I love. This level of uncertainty bothers me. What if I choose something I don't end up loving? What if I end up wasting too much time in the process of choosing, and end up graduating later than planned?
  2. I worry about hating my future job
    Even if I pick a good major, it won't matter if my future job sucks. What if I don't feel fulfilled? What if I get stuck at some awful job because I just need the money? What if my boss or coworkers suck?
  3. I worry about college expenses
    College is pretty expensive. Especially at Calvin.
  4. I worry that the people I love will make bad decisions
    I don't want my loved ones to make dumb or self destructive decisions. I want the best for them. I hate to see them pay the consequences.
  5. I worry about whether or not my loved ones are okay
    Is there a reason that they're acting different than normal? Would they tell me if something was wrong? Or, if they've gone through something rough recently, are they dealing with their circumstances well?
  6. I worry that I'm not doing enough for the people I love
    Sometimes, I feel like I should be of better service to others. I wonder if I can or should be doing more.
  7. I worry that I'll let down the people I love
  8. I worry that I'll be misunderstood
    I don't want my intentions to be misinterpreted. I want people to be able to see the wholesome, innocent reasoning behind some of the seemingly unreasonable or insane things I do.
  9. I worry that I'll grow apart from people who are important to me
    It's happened. It's the worst. If it happens again, I want to make sure that it's not my fault.
  10. I worry about all the crap happening in the world
    And I feel pretty helpless. The world is hurting and people are suffering and it sucks and it breaks my heart.
  11. I worry about missing out
    I have major FOMO. There's just so much to do and experience and I don't want to miss a second of it.
  12. I worry about my relationship with God
    It seems to always be improving, but every now and then, I wonder if I'm doing all that God wants me to be doing, if I'm listening to him, if I'm trying as hard as I can to obey him, if there's something more he's calling me to.
  13. I worry that I won't have any free time this fall
    I love having free time. But I might have a lot of homework, or I might need to work more than last semester, or I might have other responsibilities that get in my way of enjoying myself and relaxing every once in a while.
  14. ...
  15. The other day, in the midst of me worrying, a verse popped into my head
  16. Philippians 4:6 says this:
    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
  17. I needed to hear this...
    I don't need to worry. I shouldn't ever be anxious about anything! Instead, I should pray to God, hand all my worries over to him, and keep my eyes open for how he answers my prayers. I don't pray nearly enough for all of the worries that I have. The reason I worry so much is because I try to handle all of these things in my own power, when God tells me that he is here to guide and help me, and I just need to come to him when I am weary, downtrodden, anxious, and worried.