I finished my first year of college a few days ago. I took my final final, I packed up my stuff, and I said goodbye to my campus and my friends for the summer. And I realized that a lot has happened this past year. A LOT. I learned so much, grew so much, loved so much... It's been a great year.
  1. I learned that college education is different than high school education
    I learned so much more in a much shorter time. A lot more is expected out of college students. There's a lot more homework, and classes are harder. Even only having four hours of class a day is exhausting.
  2. I changed my studying habits
    I no longer get everything done right away. I no longer overstudy for tests. I now procrastinate very often and understudy. And it is so easy to procrastinate in college dorms.
  3. I changed my major
    I came in with an engineering major. Little did I know, engineering is incredibly dull and boring and hard and unrewarding (at least for me). I am now undeclared, which feels much better than engineering.
  4. I had to consider what I would ACTUALLY like to do for the rest of my life
    Possibilities include: education in mathematics, or in history, or in BOTH; social work; and I have little idea what else to consider.
  5. I changed my sleeping habits
    In high school, I got maybe nine hours of sleep a night. Now, I'm lucky to go to bed by 2 AM, due to my busy schedule and heavy procrastination, and I hardly even get six hours of sleep on school nights. This has also affected my eating habits; I need midnight snacks to operate like this.
  6. I didn't read that much
    For fun, or for school. I wish I had read more books for my own enjoyment, though I do not regret skipping the engineering class readings.
  7. My music taste grew
    I use Spotify, which makes it really easy to share music, find new music, and see what your friends are listening to. I pay for it, and in return, I can stream so much music. It's so great to discover new music, or to listen to old jams. Music is actually incredible.
  8. I went to my first concert
    I went to a Nate Ruess concert, with Saint Motel. And it was pretty cool. I had so much fun, and I can't believe that I hadn't been to concerts before. Music is pretty cool when it's performed live.
  9. I learned that zoos are really, really cool
    Have you been to the Milwaukee Zoo? It's pretty dope. Even if you go with a group consisting solely of adults.
  10. I learned that you can fit a lot into a really small space
    Packing up my stuff, I realized that my roommate and I had stored a lot of stuff in our small dorm room.
  11. I had to balance a lot of things
    I had to balance going to classes, going to work, eating, sleeping, socializing, doing homework, exercising and taking care of myself, and so many other responsibilities. And it was tiring.
  12. I realized that there's a lot of cool stuff out there that I should experience
    I had sushi for the first time during spring break. I loved it. Since then, I have realized that there is a lot else out there that I have never experienced or tried, because I don't want to even try it, because I don't think I'll like it. This is very close-minded of me.
  13. I worked at the dining hall
    Subpar place to eat. Subpar place to work, too. But the people I worked with were great. And I got free meals whenever I worked, so that's a plus. I'm thankful for the time I had there, but I'm glad that I won't be working there next year.
  14. I was reminded that movies and TV shows are really, really cool
    There's a lot of thought and work that goes into every movie and TV show. It's an art form. And there is a lot to get out of film. It can make you cry, scare you, make you happy, make you laugh, or all of the above. It's another world to escape to.
  15. I realized that my family is pretty cool
    Without living with them, I miss them. The moments we have together are so much better. My parents are also really cool, after all. My father is actually really wise, and gives good advice in confusing situations. And my mother is really easy to talk to. And my siblings all rock; they're hilarious, smart, loving, and great.
  16. I loved a lot of people, so much
    I met so many new people. And I made so many friends. So many great friends. Maybe there's something about living close to people that makes you feel closer to those people.
  17. And I mean a lot of people
    I made friends with people from my place of work, and with people that I just met for the first time when I needed a table to eat at in the dining hall. I grew close to a lot of people from my dorm, and became friends with a lot of awesome people through having mutual friends.
  18. And I mean so much
    I love my friends so much. I know that I can count on them, and they know that they can count on me. I've had so many deep conversations, so many great laughs, and so many joyful experiences: Late night talks, outings to Steak n Shake or Culver's, playing games, or watching movies... I honestly didn't realize how much I could love people. But when they're such great people, it makes it easy.
  19. Seriously
    I feel so loved. These people made my first year of college such a great experience. They are such a blessing. I'll miss these fine folks for the summer.
  20. I realized just how profound Pooh Bear could be
    *sniffle, sniffle* "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." True, Pooh, true.
  21. I realized that I could be myself, because I'm actually pretty cool
    In high school, I always doubted myself. I wondered what people thought of me and of what they thought of the things I said. My friends even made fun of me for being "awkward." But, I've realized, I can be comfortable in who I am. People like me for who I am, and the things I doubted about myself in high school are the things that people at college love about me.
  22. I learned that I like people, and I like helping and serving people
    People are so cool. Strangers can be the best. An elder couple paid for my breakfast because they liked the college on my sweatshirt. Another couple told me that they knew I was going places because they'd heard pieces of my conversation. I also love helping my friends, getting them food, listening to them and helping them, and not expecting anything in return. It's how I express my love.
  23. I became ok with not being crazy
    I often felt out of place when other people were acting crazy and rambunctious, because that's not me at all. And I realized that that's ok. That's who I am. I'm calm. I keep a level head. I help keep everybody else sane. I'm somebody that others can come to for help.
  24. I became my own person
    I'm an identical twin, and people know both me and my twin just because we look so similar. Being a twin is a lot of my identity. And people all of my life considered us as the same person. I kind of believed that I had to be defined by my twin. But I don't have to be. My twin is just my brother. I am my own person. I have my own personality, style, hobbies, and so on. Even if we live on the same floor at college, and in the same room at home, I can see more and more the differences between us.
  25. I realized who I was and what I was good at
    I realized that I am a good listener. I realized that I like history, sushi, people, serving, helping, and so much more. I also realized that my twin brother and I are not the same person. I learned so much about myself this past year. And I am so happy with the person I have become.