Things that I want to try, but I'm too scared

  1. Mac n' Cheetos
    They look really good, but I'm scared that I'll be disappointed, at the cost of eating something very unhealthy.
  2. Deep fried tater tots
    They sell deep fried tater tots at a restaurant near my home. You don't get it: tater tots are ALREADY fried. DEEP fried tater tots... My mind can hardly fathom.
  3. Deep fried twinkies
    I don't know what this would taste like. Heaven? Maybe. I'm too afraid to find out.
  4. Skydiving
    What if my parachute doesn't work? Worse, what if I become addicted to skydiving, and spend thousands to fuel this addiction? What if my whole LIFE becomes a free fall?
  5. Breaking the record for "most lightning strikes survived"
    This record is currently held by Roy C Sullivan. He has survived 7 lightning strikes. This seems like a record that I wouldn't have to try very hard to break, though I'd have to be really lucky.
  6. Helium
    I learned in 8th grade that too much helium can kill you... And what if my voice got stuck that way?
  7. Cinnamon challenge
    I'm pretty sure that this is bad for you.
  8. Knives (card game)
    Have you ever played the game Spoons? Well, this is like that, except you use knives instead of spoons.
  9. Kale
    To be honest, I've probably had kale multiple times by now, without realizing what I was eating. But still, it looks kind of gross.
  10. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan
    The thing is, it would have major environmental benefits, and I would probably end up eating a lot healthier...