Today was my last day of work for the summer, and I move into my dorm tomorrow. I'm taking this time to reflect but also to look ahead. These are the things I spent my summer doing.
  1. I worked at a greenhouse
    I spent a lot of time doing incredibly mindless tasks
  2. I went to a Twenty One Pilots concert
    One of my summer highlights for sure
  3. I listened to a lot of music
    You should honestly get Spotify Premium. Such an incredible service
  4. I listened to a lot of podcasts
    I highly recommend RadioLab, Serial, and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
  5. I watched New Girl
    A pretty good show. Funny, light, but very cheesy at times
  6. I watched Bojack Horseman
    Definitely my favorite comedy out there
  7. I watched Stranger Things
    I highly recommend this show. INCREDIBLE
  8. I started watching Bob's Burgers
    I LOVE this show
  9. I watched every Wed Anderson film
    Such a unique, quirky style that I have come to love
  10. I watched Suicide Squad
    Not worth the ticket price
  11. I watched Sausage Party
    Please, I'm begging you, do NOT watch this movie. It just wasn't funny
  12. I went to Glacier National Park with my family
    I have so many great pictures. Such an incredible, awe inspiring, beautiful place. HBD National Park Service
  13. I went to the beach with my family
    Nothing beats sunsets on Lake Michigan
  14. I went to a Tigers game with my family
    They won
  15. I spent a lot of time in thought
    It was one of my ways of processing
  16. I spent a lot of time in prayer
    Something I still need to improve on
  17. I read Love Does
    Great book. Gave me a lot to think about and strive toward
  18. I read The Shack
    Another great book, dealing with incredibly heavy topics and hard questions
  19. I read Tuesday's with Morrie
    Another great book; Morrie was a wise man
  20. I went to a pretty amazing dinner party
    I ate a pretty stellar gluten free meal with @unclebrisef @WheelingBec and @elelcooljoe at the Sexy Duplexy
  21. I tried swing dancing
  22. I went to several restaurants
    Once with @unclebrisef and @elelcooljoe (at a place called Boatwerks, or Boa Twerks, or something) and once with @elelcooljoe and @grace_hoffman16 (we went to a place called Los Amigos)
  23. I listened to Hamilton
    This deserves its own bullet point. Incredible musical. Would recommend