What transpires every time karaoke.
  1. Kiss Me - (oh wait. Should I warm up, I tend to sing too high for this one. I need to practice in the bathroom. ugh there's a line. OH wait my friend is there! "Do you want to duet?" "yes?" Okay great now I don't have to be on stage alone)
  2. A Whole New World (okay, we should figure out who sings what, I hope they don't want to be Aladdin, I only practice Aladdin...ugh don't ever trick your guy friends into dueting with you, they'll always take Aladdin. Ffffuuuuuuu. Oh damnit those stupid girls took it. They're not even harmonizing. Daaamnit.)
  3. Combat Baby (yes. Why do I keep forgetting this song exists? I can totally sing this one real well. I'm ready. Where's the list? There it is. Oooh...Oh no wait I'm nervous. I should go to the bar and get a few drinks then I'll put my name down. Then I'll rock this goddamn joint.)
  4. Mmmmbop (bopdebop dooobop beddliiiaaahhpoowww wherezat sign up sheet? N'more entries? Hrmmphp but the mics are all alone. I'm going up. ACAPELLAAAA)
  5. I'm Not In Looeeoove, Don't You F'get it - there's something mhmhm phaase I'm going throoough (oooh fuck this song has a weird musical break for a billion years...I should go home.)
  6. Don't Dream It's Over (As covered by Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande performed earnestly by me and the Uber driver)