While I love Facebook..there are trends I've noticed recently that piss me off
  1. Promising me someone is looking to give me money if I like a picture-I'm not that important...and no..no they're not.
  2. Telling me someone I love is going to DIE if I don't type 'amen' under a picture of an angel or Jesus..how DARE you!
  3. Clickbate stories like 'wait until you read this email that was found on Charlie Sheen's email..' Only to have the page be full of ads that lock the page and force you to back all the way out of the internet
  4. Political rants-look, I respect your opinion..don't think I don't..but please don't shove it down my throat with EVERY post. And don't just post a picture of some impoverished kid begging for food-make your argument!