Tis the season!
  1. ROOM
    Riveting from start to finish. The first half is a claustrophobic/comforting/terrifying/tender glimpse into the Room, introduced by the amazing Jacob Tremblay's Jack. Jack has known nothing his whole life but this Room (the only outside world he has a grasp on is "TV") and his endearing outlook on his life is due to the fierce protection of his mom. The second half of the film is jarring/wonderful/depressing/surprising. As inspiring as it is soul crushingly beautiful, SEE THIS IF YOU HAVENT
    More than just a sci-fi fantasy and more than just a blockbuster. This film gets away with encapsulating both, which can a strong leader in the 10 slot Best Picture category make. SEE IT IN IMAX IT'S SO WORTH IT. Matt Damon for Best Actor? Sure, but he'd lose in my book to Jacob Tremblay from Room and I've yet (WE'VE ALL YET) to see Leo DiCaps in The Revenant.
    Saw it way early, like way early for Oscar season. BUT THIS SHIT LEFT ME BREATHLESS. And I'm not just talking about the sexiness that is Tom Hardy! The feminism just hit you right in the feels and made you stand up and say YAASSSS LADIES, even if you were in a packed showing at the Chinese Theatre. If there's an award for graphic design in marketing this film wins hands down, the flame text and vibrant contrasting colors were the best artwork all year.
  4. Steve Jobs
    I knew I'd like this movie—it's Aaron Sorkin Dialogue and Michael Fassbender + Kate Winslet—but I LOVED it. Fantastic writing, superb acting. I know the movie left out a lot about Jobs' life and family, but streamlining the story to a few days in his life and his relationship with his first kid really helped keep it cohesive and gave a great look at his life through this one lens.
    Suggested by @LizDawson