We were on a boat. @CharlieC
  1. We decided it was imperative that we go whale watching while there was even the slightest chance of seeing wild orcas off the Southern California coast
  2. We bought tickets at a spot in Newport Beach and then I suddenly remembered I'm terrified of the open water and also of boats
  3. I'd never been in a boat in the ocean and it just didn't seem smart
  4. But I wanted to see orcas
  5. So Charlie gave me caramel corn and I felt much better about getting on a boat
  6. We started chasing a whale and it was glorious
  7. I felt like Helen Hunt and that whale was the great Twister
  8. We saw the whale and it's baby and it was magical
  9. Me and Charlie high fived because it was the coolest
  10. And decided we should go to the Cheesecake Factory or something
  11. Then realized we actually had 2 more hours left on this boat trip.
  12. This is where we stopped whale watching and started pondering life
  13. Like, what kind of animals were swimming under the boat?
  14. Is that the beach where they filmed Baywatch?
  15. If I walked up to that woman and spit on her, would her boyfriend hit me?
  16. Is it ok to name your first born son Pongo?
  17. Do you remember how to do fractions?
  18. Why is it so hard for people to believe that both Jack and Rose couldn't fit on the door?
  19. Which direction are you supposed to look if someone says "hot dude, 10 o'clock"?
  20. A lot of time was spent looking out on the open ocean and daydreaming
  21. I stopped listening to Charlie and started thinking about how cool it would be if there were miniature orcas that you could keep as pets
  22. And hug them whenever you want
  23. They'd love you unconditionally
  24. I started giggling because the thought of hugging a chubby chihuahua sized orca made me so happy
  25. Then I realized Charlie was telling me a joke
  26. And he thought I was laughing at his joke
  27. So he kept going
  28. I kept laughing
  29. Not because of his joke or because of lovable pint sized orcas but because he thought I was laughing at his joke
  30. I couldn't stop laughing
  31. He couldn't stop laughing
  32. I had to write it down in my phone through tears of laughter
  33. Then we saw a seal
  34. So we both stopped laughing
  35. And continued on our boat adventure
  36. Months later, he recounted to a group of friends the time I laughed hysterically when we were on a boat and he said "why do we call it seaweed, shouldn't it be called ocean weed?"
  37. And I said "HUH?"
  38. And he said "you thought it was really funny!"
  39. Then I started laughing because I knew what he was talking about
  40. So I showed him the note I made in my phone about the time he thought I was laughing at his joke but was actually laughing at the thought of pet sized orcas
  41. He got slightly offended
  42. Mostly because I never laughed at his joke
  43. And because our friends laughed at me not laughing at his joke so they didn't laugh at his joke either
  44. But everyone agreed that little tiny orcas would be really cool pets