1. Leslie Jones
    We watch Game of Thrones together and she and I both know that I don't have a shot in hell with Jon Snow (or Ramsay oops 😬) but that doesn't stop her supporting my obsession with him. We both agree that Tyrion is low key the sexiest dude on the show.
  2. Chelsea Handler
    She gives me weird looks when I say things like "Ryan Lochte is a lying baby but he can still fucking get it with his blue hair" but I know that she is laughing on the inside. She takes me on vacation and sets me up on awkward adventures like going on a first-time tinder date to the Paris catacombs because she wants to cry laughing from my reaction.
  3. Devon Sawa
    We meet on Twitter and send eachother gifs that make us laugh. He doesn't mind that I ask him incessant questions about working on Wild America with JTT.
  4. Nadia, Season 3 Winner of The Great British Baking Show
    I'm way too confident for my own good and she's way too humble because she's an absolute genius and could brag as much as she wants. We'll balance eachother out and also she'll give me lots of dope baking tips. I'll ask to eat cake on the GBBS trophy and she'll laugh but refuse in the most politely British way.
  5. Aisha Tyler
    She was on FRIENDS, she has one of the most successful podcasts ever, she's absolutely the coolest. We have girls nights in which we drink tequila and sing karaoke in a crowded bar.