1. How much do you love people being genuinely nice to each other?
    Seriously, it's like I'm watching Junior Master Chef. Everyone is nice, everyone is supportive, I want to live in their baking tent.
  2. Is Brienne of Tarth the host?
    No, upon further examination that is not Brienne of Tarth. But Brienne of Tarth can do everything so it would not surprise anyone in the slightest if she could save The Kingslayer and also accurately judge a Queen Victoria sponge cake.
  3. Does it comfort you that somewhere out there a group of British baking professionals are discussing all the varieties of biscuits?
    I think most of what they consider biscuits I consider crackers but I would qualify goldfish crackers as perfect with afternoon tea (and happy hour. Possibly dinner. Midnight snack. Breakfast if you have any left).
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  5. Pizza? PSH no way they're British!
    We're over here acting like pizza is New York's goddamn gift to earth but meanwhile across the pond they're baking carby bits of heaven in the form of breads stuffed with meat, cheese, and veggies. Extra points for decoration!