Picking your passengers is the best part
  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    I know you think you know where this list is going but The Revenant is coming out soon and he really looks like he is gonna know. his. shit. OKAY
  2. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
    She really held it together out on that prairie and also she can smartly maneuver any awkward social situation. I will go full crazy on any pioneer that even hints at me eating a cute little bunny but Dr Q will know how to calm the sitch and prescribe me Xanax
  3. Harry Potter
    Because MAGIC. His time on the run in the Deathly Hallows was the perfect mix of positivity (we will make it to Oregon!) and angst (if I have to eat another leaf I will avada kedrava the shit out of the next thing that moves).
  4. I will need a friend for the road, especially one that can make me LOL and gush about pioneer boys and commiserate w me about the lack of Spotify
    We all know she has the road thing down (I've traveled through Nebraska, the sooner we get to Oregon the better). Sometimes we might tie Leo up to the front of the wagon for LOLs but he will laugh too because he'll get the reference and he'll be surrounded by women so he'll have to