Inspired by @alyssapoliti
  1. AUNT BECKY (Full House)
    I grew up believing she had every answer to every girl problem ever. While this may be due to the fact that she was the only grown woman in the Tanner house, there's no denying that she locked down a starring spot on a California talk show straight outta Nebraska and then got Uncle Jesse to fall for her by being a BOSS WOMAN.
  2. PHOEBE BUFFAY (Friends)
    She has got a wealth of experience and will not judge. Don't let a man steal your wind!
  3. DONNA MEAGLE (Parks and Rec)
    She'll be real with you and if you don't take her advice she will probably live tweet your demise so you'll figure it out eventually.
  4. ROSE DAWSON (Titanic)
    SHE HAS LIVED. I may or may not just ask her what would Jack do.
  5. CARRIE BRADSHAW (Sex and the City)
    Sure, Samantha Jones usually has the better advice but Carrie is the reason all of them are friends so she's my best in to their brunch sesh and then I can get ALL THE ADVICE.
  6. CECE (New Girl)
    She usually keeps it together in all situations so she'd be able to talk sense into me. Plus she can get a lion fish at a moments notice and I'm sure that will come in handy some day.
  7. CHER & DIONNE (Clueless)
    Imagine the group texts we'd have! They'll set me straight when I'm totally buggin.
  8. CHRISTINA YANG (Grey's Anatomy)
    She would probably mostly just text me she's too busy saving lives to offer me advice on what to say to a dude on Tinder but when she gets fed up and gives me advice it will be nothing but deep truth bombs.