1. Giphy
    Most adorably can't do it but melting anyway
  2. Giphy
    Doesn't even matter that the actual wink is wrong cuz everything else is so right
  3. Giphy
    His wink is so bad but why do I feel like I just hugged a puppy
  4. Giphy
    Repeat offender but not even mad
  5. Giphy
    You almost have it, buddy
  6. Giphy
    Nice save, swoon accomplished
  7. Giphy
    He's winking backwards and this must be addressed
  8. Giphy
    He doesn't belong on this list because his wink is perfection but oh what a beautiful specimen
  9. Giphy
    You'll get there one day champ.
    Suggested by @Jordan_Elizabeth
  10. Giphy
    Suggested by @moonjockey