1. A big, bright, white privileged bubble
  2. My bubble was Minneapolis, where the republicans were typically either hicks or rich beyond compare and either way out of touch with my urban, progressive reality
  3. My bubble was New York City, where people were divided on how to combat terrorism, homelessness, drugs, and crime but were united on the overwhelming belief that this country could and would do better
  4. My bubble was Los Angeles, home of the bright and shiny progressive celebrities, lovers of love, chillest of chill, where the problems the country faced were scary but could not be undermined by hatred, brutality, and fear.
  5. My bubble was special because it still allowed me to see and acknowledge and be enraged by the blatant and not so blatant racism that was happening in this country yet made me feel like by speaking out against police brutality and prejudice and inequality that I was actually making a difference
  6. My bubble was special because it was affected by global warming and showed me that everyone sane knew it was real. In my special bubble, only the big, bad corporations, their bought-off politicians, and their clueless supporters denied the glaring ramifications of climate change because it was in their best interests to ignore it
  7. My bubble was special because it made me feel I was on the outside and all the dumb, uneducated, ignorant assholes lived on the inside
  8. I felt bad for them in that bubble I thought they lived in because they were struggling to face the fact that their whiteness did not make them better or more deserving than anyone else, they were just sad misguided souls on the wrong side of history while the rest of us passed them by on the great American march towards progress
  9. I was wrong
  10. The majority of American voters have shown me tonight that my reality was an urban and liberal bubble. Minnesota is a blue state because the democratic population of the Twin Cities outweighs the remaining rural red counties.
  11. My friends are liberal and progressive and sane because I chose to surround myself with like minded people, not because these beliefs are shared by the majority of the American public.
  12. I have lived in cities across the US but their differences from each other do not compare to the differences to the rural area beyond their urban borders, which I can admit I ever took the time to know
  13. I thought that the silver lining of this terrible election would be to acknowledge communities that feel left behind and under privileged, if only to overcome their hate with love and to highlight education and awareness
  14. I was wrong
  15. I don't feel as though I'm misguided in my beliefs for racial equality, equality for women, climate change reform, education, and countless other platforms that I voted for today.
  16. However, I could've done more. I could've spoken out more. I could've campaigned harder.
  17. I apologize to women of color, people of color, immigrants, the earth, little girls everywhere, to the rest of the world that was anxiously awaiting the outcome and end of this horrendous election
  18. My bubble is shattered
  19. But I'm glad it's gone
  20. The election is over but we can still fight for the America we believe in
  21. As long as we believe in love, in life, in each other
  22. We can't lose