1. Haven't been since I was 9 but I've seen the Full House goes to Disneyworld episode A LOT (um i mean not that much maybe a few times) and Michelle Tanner gets to be a princess for a day and have wishes granted and it wasn't even her birthday so
  2. I imagine that will probably happen for me as well
  3. My first wish is for my friends to also know all the words to Happy World Land from Tiny Toon's How I Spent My Summer Vacation so we can sing it as we walk through the parking lot.
    I know this isn't Disney but the genie didn't mention any rules against brand crossovers.
  4. My second wish is to meet Scott Weinger dressed as Aladdin in a parade. This is purely for nostalgic purposes because an enchanting IRL Disney prince he does not make.
    To make up for that, I will also expect Niall from ANTM to show up dressed as Prince Eric and give me the best damn hug I've ever had in my life while an old shirtless man with luscious locks waves his trident over us and it rains glitter.
  5. My third wish is to hang with R2D2 all day. He'll judge me for loving the Pirates of the Caribbean a little too much and he'll probably be right. I will also request that BB8 follow us around because how legit would that be but really so me and Artoo can just make fun of him most of the time. He's scrappy he can handle it.
    C3PO will be nowhere in sight don't you worry
  6. My fourth wish is to be granted when the fireworks are starting btw I will be feeling like a goddamn Disney princess by this point. As a cool breeze brushes through my hair and the reflection of the fireworks makes my face glow, a hand will brush mine and as I turn around I will realize that the hand belongs to JTT.
    I'll rest my head on his shoulder as he hums Can You Feel The Love Tonight and I won't remind him that he didn't sing and wasn't even in that part of the movie. I will never call him JTT to his face because he hates that and everything will be magical.