Decisions decisions
  1. Every detail of my life up until this point
    I want us to be best friends right away
  2. Why Titanic is the best movie of all time ever by 11 year old me
    Can't promise that there are more reasons than just OMG LEO
  3. All the different ways I drive home from work
    Because moving to LA instilled in me a new found love of discussing directions in detail
  4. Top 10 reasons I should stare at my computer for 2 hours instead of doing laundry
    Trick list, there's only 1 reason to stare at my computer instead of doing important adult things and that is because that's what I feel like doing right now and I can adult later
  5. Why I think Troy is a terrible movie but I can't stop watching
    Brad Pitt with long hair is not a good reason, guys, I don't have an answer here
  6. All my favorite things I've ever said