1. I haven't listed in what feels like forever
  2. There are multitudes of reasons
  3. The easiest one: I've been really busy
    Summer in the dance industry is bonkers
  4. I've been trying to focus on my other writing
    Can't say I'm a writer if I don't write
  5. My free time is devoted to my podcast
    We're hitting our stride and it's exciting/motivating us to grow our platform in new ways
  6. But the more difficult truth:
  7. The elections have been a scary glimpse into the dark side of America
    Guys, are we for real about Trump? The fact that his severely unethical actions only push people towards Hillary doesn't offer the calm and unity I was hoping for, we only have been shown that there is extreme anger and resentment. He probably won't win the presidency but now the real struggle is whether we can overcome these issues and grow together.
  8. The brutality that occurred in Minnesota and across the country in July have left me without the right words to say
    This isn't a list about that so I won't delve but both the events themselves and being confronted with so many people that were completely indifferent to the movement filled me with hopelessness. It is shocking and disheartening to see people that you have grown up with see the world in such a completely different way that they are unwilling to open their eyes to their own privilege. It felt like hate and ignorance was enveloping every social media platform I went to.
  9. I didn't know how to be funny or provide context when so many tragic things are happening and they need their space to be acknowledged
  10. But I still check in from time to time
  11. And the lists make me laugh
  12. And make me emotional
  13. And I sprinkle my likes here and there, barely a ripple in the big sea of lists
  14. But after checking in and seeing the news and heartache about @biz I realize
  15. I miss you guys
  16. I miss being involved in this community space
  17. Reading these lists today solved so many of my hesitations in writing
  18. Tragic things happen
  19. And we don't always agree
  20. But we are still on the same side of this tragic world
  21. We all want to spread love
  22. Even the hateful comments that get spread around, at the root of it is someone trying to be understood, acknowledged, and loved
  23. I've learned so much since downloading this app on the first day it became public
  24. I've bonded with many amazing people, biz included
  25. There is so much pain and sadness out there
  26. But this place is a community and we can ride these waves together
  27. ❤️❤️❤️