I wrote outlines for all and dialogue for some. Don't worry, I backed it all up on a floppy disc OH WAIT.
  1. My Best Friend's Wedding 2: My Best Friend's Affair
    Obvs I was truly pissed that Julianne and Michael didn't end up together. I'm sure "My Best Friend's Divorce" would make more sense to some but even young me knew that the best kind of movie love is forbidden movie love.
  2. Oregon Trail: The Live Action Adventure
    There was drama, there was romance, there was dysentery and fucking oxen that can't ford a river. I had a lot of time to think while you were expected to sit and stare at the wagon slowly rolling along its pixelated path.
  3. Untitled Ben Affleck & Sandra Bullock Romcom That is Heavy on the Drama
    My fave actor and actress of the 90s so I definitely had to write them a movie to star in together (they didn't end up together in Forces of Nature so it didn't count). Sandra was a movie star that had lost sight of what she loved about movies and Ben was the small town movie theater owner that helped her rediscover that love and also just love in general. Spice Girls "Forever" was the soundtrack. I could still swing this.
  4. Film adaptation of "Inside the Walls of Troy" by Clemence McLaren
    My favorite book in 6th grade about Helen of Troy and her sister in kind of law Cassandra. Team Paris from the beginning!
  5. Sequel to "Inside the Walls of Troy": The Women's Revenge
    The fate of all of the women from Troy after the Trojan War was so tragic and it must've been because the original teller of the tale was a man. No way Clytemnestra was jealous of Cassandra, they united to bring the butthead King Agamemnon down!
  6. Full Home Improvement
    Really I just thought it would be cool if Randy (hello JTT) got to hang out with my favorite TV family. I wrote an entire episode and the other brothers got written out real quick. They were replaced with Andrew Keegan.
  7. The Life and Times of Shasta, the Lisa Frank Leopard
    As president of the Lisa Frank fan club in my 3rd grade class, I encouraged all club members to write stories inspired by their fave LF characters. My entry was the typical hero's journey with the leopard starting off in a neon leopard monarchy and ending up in a world inhabited by all the wonderful brightly colored creatures.
  8. A. I. G. Animals In Green
    Heavily inspired by Men In Black but these animals fought climate change and anti-environmentalism. This outline included story boards.