I get obsessed w things quite easily
  1. Denali Puppycam
    This has been open on my desktop at work nonstop since I found it. LOOK AT THOSE PUPPIES! They have become the #1 topic of conversation in my office and we may or may not have collectively named all of the puppies, their neighbor dog, and their handler.
  2. Modern Love podcast
    Ok so I started listening because Colin Farrell did an episode and I would listen to him read the yellow pages if they were still a thing but I got hooked on the podcast quick. I have since ventured into non Colin Farrell episodes.
  3. Nao
    Try listening to In The Morning at sunset in the car with your windows down and NOT feel like a badass. Her voice is amazing and her music sounds old and new all at once in the most perfect way
  4. Bojack Horseman
    This was the Full House sequel I was looking for
  5. Museum of Neon Art
    LA thinks of everything
  6. My Mad Fat Diary
    I am so grateful to li.sters for this rec and also Finn is just the greatest ever. I haven't ventured into season 3 yet because I'm not emotionally ready to face the fact that it's over
  7. Seriously guys the PUPPIES