Just... So... Many... Questions.... There are
    One more just in case
  5. K but for real have you seen it?
  6. Yes?
  7. Ok, let's goooo
  8. Did Han really have to leave so soon after we just got reunited?
  9. Why did he leave Leia though?
  10. Why did Leia leave Han?
  11. Is it a problem that my main concern right now is the romantic sitch?
  12. K good because don't you think Rey and Finn make the best couple of all time ever?
  13. Did she really have to leave him before he woke up?
  14. Is that going to be an issue in the next movie?
  15. Is that gonna be a deal breaker for him?
  16. That he went back into the First Order to save her even though he vowed to never go back near it because ew?
  17. And then he risked his life anyway because she was in trouble?
  18. But even if he wouldn'tve gone back we can all agree she was good saving herself though?
  19. And even though she saved him she said ok bye see ya later maybe?
  20. Except they both had to witness Han's..... I can't say it because I'm too upset but you know what I mean?
  21. Why did Kylo Ren have to fucking play us like that?
  22. Why is his name Ben?
  23. Was Luke a lil mad about that?
  24. Because Old Ben Kenobi was HIS friend?
  25. Is that why he disappeared?
  26. Did he really disappear just cause he turned Ben evil?
  27. Why did Ben turn evil?
  28. Did he just get overly hyped about Darth Vader?
  29. Doesn't he miss his mom?
  30. Should Han and Leia have maybe tried a little harder to find their son though?
  31. How come nobody ever talks about Padmé?
  32. Remember how she was like a badass senator and stuff?
  33. Are you really telling me that she made stupid choices that led to the fall of the republic right now?
  34. Was Princess Leia a princess because her mom was a queen?
  35. Why did she switch her title to general?
  36. Like what was the conversation there?
  37. And why can't C-3PO pull himself together and refer to her as a general which she so obvi wants to be called?
  38. Why did Leia and Rey hug so much without talking?
  39. Are we supposed to be thinking maybe she's Leia's daughter so that we will surprised later to find out she's not?
  40. Because she is so obvi Luke's daughter right?
  41. Why is Luke sulking on a stupid island all by himself?
  42. Is Hayden Christiansen there?
  43. Why did R2D2 have to scare the fuck outta me like that?
  44. Why didn't the movie take an intermission after 3PO said Artoo might never be himself again?
  45. Didn't JJ Abrams know I needed some time to collect myself after that bit of news?
  46. Is General Snoke actually super tiny?
  47. Like he only appears as a big ass hologram to trick ppl?
  48. But really he's the size of Salacious Crumb?
  49. And he knows no one would take him seriously if he was that little?
  50. Would you take him seriously if he was small enough to sleep in a Barbie dream house?
  51. Did Captain Phasma really bite the dust already?
  52. Was she confused as fuck when they said they were gonna put her in a trash compactor?
  53. Why was Finn in on that joke, was HE there?
  54. Really though, why did Ben hate his dad?
  55. What did Han do?
  56. Does he hate Luke?
  57. What did Luke do?
  58. Didn't it look like one of the Knights of Ren that left baby Rey on Jakku?
  59. Why did they leave her there?
  60. Why didn't Luke go find her?
  61. Couldn't he ask Hayden Christiansen to help him find her?
  62. What happened to midichlorian Yoda and Obi Wan?
  63. Are the ewoks ok btw?
  64. What is Chewie gonna do without his bestie?
  65. Can BB8 be my best friend though?
  66. Will that make Artoo jels?
  67. Did I really just see a new Star Wars movie?
  68. Am I dreaming?
  69. Is Poe Dameron single?