She died in Anakin's arms professing her love for... Something. She died before we could find out!
  1. Moisture Farming
    It's really fun! You can have a house underground that still gets a lot of sun! You have droids!
  2. Real Housewives of Mos Eisley
    Shit gets cray, especially when the Hutt fam is involved!
  3. Anakin's dad
    So she lied to the tall weirdo Jedi guy that her 9 year old invited over. Much more entertaining story than having a one night stand after a few too many drinks at the cantina
  4. Qui-Gon
    Sure, he made a lot of dumb mistakes (adding Jar Jar to his squad and disobeying the Jedi Council) but how's a woman from the remote planet of Tatooine supposed to know that? He coulda fought a little harder for her freedom too but she probably always fantasized about him coming back for her and being the best stepdaddy to little Ani
  5. Showing hospitality
    To anyone and everyone. She is entirely selfless.
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  6. Jawa Juice
    It really hits the spot after a long day of sand sifting.
    Suggested by @massivG
  7. Bantha Brisket from Droopy McCools Diner
    As if it wasn't enough that he is the highlight entertainer of any night out at the Cantina. Droopy McCool's signature menu will raid your taste buds with true Tusken flavor. UUUURRRRARRRRARRRARRRG
    Suggested by @massivG