30 for 30 and my desk will just now stay this way forever
  1. Static
    Always how you start listing my favorite anything
  2. Static
    Josh Hartnett will always have a place in my heart... this movie will not. But I also can't not watch it sometimes. I know I know it's a problem.
  3. Static
    Chris 👏 Pine 👏 can 👏 get 👏 it
  4. Static
    Surrogate family
  5. Static
    Best sangria in the world is at Maria's, a hole in the wall around the corner from my old apartment in Sunset Park (basically the bottom of Brooklyn, how did I travel that far everyday)
  6. Static
    I'll be his wildling
  7. Static
    Cool how ancient I felt when a young coworker came in and asked who he was and then said how am I supposed to know what the voice of Simba looks like
  8. Static
    I'm from Minnesota so this ish is in my bloodstream
  9. Static
    Adopted home #2
  10. Static
    I could cook B sprouts ALL DAY
  11. Static
    Do Finn's actually exist in the real world?
  12. Static
    Waiting for my life to come full circle (not in a death kind of way but in a marrying JTT kind of way)
  13. Static
    Anakin is my fave Star Wars character of all time COME AT ME
  14. Static
    Trying to get my 90s ultimate Britney Spears and JT on
  15. Static
    For my love of neon art
  16. Static
    Bunnies are the absolute cutest amiright
  17. Static
  18. Static
    We can all agree that this is the best movie of all time and if you don't agree just remember it's my birthday so just agree, ok?
  19. Static
    I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all...
  20. Static
    Adopted hometown #1! Brooklyn will always have a special place in my heart, esp 5th Ave in Park Slope
  21. Static
    My life's goal is to make friendship bracelets with Andrew Keegan and I just feel like I'm one step closer
  22. Static
    Acai bowls are my favorite and I'm not just saying that because I live in LA
  23. Static
    #MPLS I might talk about how great this place is all the time but minneapolis deserves it so it's ok
  24. Static
    He's married now but his political tweets reinforce my childhood dreams of one day slow dancing with him at a Halloween party
  25. Static
    J.K. Rowling is the queen of quotes and my fellow PPC member Sofi selected this gem that I have previously overlooked but I feel will have a big impact on my next decade in life
  26. Static
    My wannabe crew! Except I absolutely never was interested in being a babysitter. Now I'm completely interested in revisiting this club and writing them for a modern fandom audience. There's a market there LOOKIN AT YOU NETFLIX
  27. Static
    Who isn't into this? Remember how innocent we were during this marketing campaign and then the Red Wedding destroyed us all forever?
  28. Static
    In the pursuit of being a podcast queen! If you're still reading this you can help by checking out 80s Babies and the Great Cinematic Debate on iTunes 😬
  29. Static
    my Party Planning Committee mates @Jordan_Elizabeth The best part of my job is the beautiful souls I get to spend time with everyday
  30. Static
    WHY WOULD I EVER WANT TO TAKE THIS DOWN! (because my boss doesn't like decorations and my container neighbors didn't appreciate our window being one sided)