According to @EW's exclusive first look
  1. No-Maj is the American word for Muggle
    Sure, The Internet is angry. BUT. Pragmatically it makes perfect sense that there are American equivalents of some of our important British wizard lingo. Though I have self identified as Muggle since age 11 (when my Hogwarts letter did not arrive), I proudly accept my status as a No-Maj.... Unless of course my witch skills magically appear.
  2. The New York setting
    YESSSSSSSS wizards in America! I had heard a little rumor that some parts would take place on this side of the pond but the MAJORITY?! Praise Phoenix.
  3. The screenplay is written by J. K. Rowling
    SERIOUSLY?! I was already on board (Harry Potter universe, obvs) but the fact that she wrote the screenplay makes me the most excited. Not only is she my novel-writing, world-creating Queen, she can transfer that magic to the big screen!
  4. The Ministry of Magic American equivalent is MACUSA
    Magical Congress of the United States of America. It sounds dope! Are they hiring?
  5. Colin Farrell is an auror
    The auror of MY DREAMS. Though an American auror, fingers crossed he doesn't lose his weak-in-the-knees accent.
  6. One of the main characters is a MUGGLE!
    Excuse me, NO-MAJ (it will take some getting used to). This means there is hope for my non-magical self!
  7. This is not totally a kids movie
    Down with it. I grew up with Harry Potter (literally, it feels like, but that's a list for another tjme) but hence the key words GREW UP. I'm ready for a grown up taste of this fabulous wizard world!
  8. MACUSA is located in the Woolworth building in NYC
    What a gorgeous building! If only I still lived in New York, I would be selfie-ing it up in front of the American magical government building ALL THE TIME. Does the Floo Network work over here?
  9. Newt Scamander carries what is basically a zoo in his brief case
    I can't wait to have a peek inside!
  10. Harry Potter is not a part of this story
    It's ok! I love the Potter/Evans family (not to mention the Weasleys) but this world is so expansive and I can't wait to explore more parts of it.
  11. But Dumbledore is mentioned at least once... as far as we know
    I'm ok with that! Because all hail the mighty professor!
  12. Because it needs to be mentioned... The EXQUISITE design layout of this article!
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    So intricate and beautiful. Not surprising as @EW always has dope graphic design. GEMMA O'BRIEN YOUR WORK IS AMAZE. Let it be known!