Both to me and to all time
  1. Universal themes at their finest
    Forbidden love! (I just threw so many ppl off by starting w the prequels and for that I'm sorry). Hero's journey at its absolute fucking best! Looking at you, Luke, though Anakin could've stepped up and really been better as a person. But then we'd never have Luke and Leia... Thus Han and Chewie and Obi Wan would be whatev... Omg I can't even go into what-ifs right now
  2. Multi-generational
    My parents love love love Star Wars (that's saying a lot because the only loves they have in common are me, my sister, my nephew, and Star Wars) and when the re-release happened in 1997 they got together as a parental unit and declared "our girls have to see these movies for the first time every time in theatres!" And oh did we beg to rent Empire Strikes Back. And Return of the Jedi. But our parents were good parents and said TRUST US. So we had to wait. And it was worth it.
  3. Groundbreaking
    Wasn't alive when the first batch arrived but word on the street is that these flicks changed the game in terms of special effects. My Jurassic Park seeing self was so blasé to the effects but that was almost beneficial in that the story shined through for me and was above all else the shining force in the original trilogy (see what I did there?). Groundbreaking still to little baby me in terms of dramatic story telling and enrapturing creative worlds. Spellbound from the first scrolling text!
  4. Familiar
    Groundbreaking in so many ways, yes, but this is a ultimately a story of love and sacrifice and that is a story we all know well. Greek playwrights would be simultaneously losing their shit/saying yah duh we write this shit all the time just without space (we don't comprehend it) and magic (the Force whaaaaaa). Star Wars is studied as western genre in film school for a reason.
  5. Feminism coming in hot!
    I can't speak for the 70s in which Princess Leia was a badass fully clothed boss woman and also relevant to society. She waned as a feminist hero when she was basically lowered to sex slave in the infamous Return of the Jedi garb. Padmé/Amidala was similarly the badass Star Wars chick we were looking for until her role in Revenge of the Sith was demoted to shamed political prowess under the influence of a crazed Jedi power hungry mad man. That's not the Padmé we knew and loved! Ugh.
  6. Feminism coming in hot part 2!
    So I haven't seen TFA yet. BUT Fey is all over marketing as a major character for the light side. Princess Leia has reportedly abandoned her title (because she was never a princess of Alderaan? because she was raised under false pretenses that Naboo upheld daughters of elected rulers of power as princesses? Who cares, EVERY GIRL IS A PRINCESS) and is now General Leia aka Badass Bitch. And the dark side has a badass woman in the form of Phantasma! I already hate you but I love you!!!!
  7. It gives me something to look forward to basically every year in the near future.
    This past year has been an extreme emotional roller coaster, but, hey, there's a brand new live-action Star Wars movie coming out! Every year for at least the next six years! I get to have at least two birthday parties that are going to see The Force Awakens! Who cares if I have my most difficult final exam the morning after opening night?
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