I grew up in the country and I don't remember trick or treating after kindergarten...so this list makes a drastic shift.
  1. A California Raison
    black sweat pants. A brown trash bag. Comically oversized sunglasses.
  2. Cookie Monster
    Blue hoodie with blue sweat pants. Blue face paint. A brown paper bag that says "cookies"
  3. A sexy pirate.
    I was in college.
  4. A sexy Druid
    There were some robes and they showed a lot of cleavage. This one I wore most of college.
  5. A Punk Rock Zombie.
    Ramones shirt with some holes held together with Giant paper clips. Torn up pants held together with giant paper clips. Zombie make up.
  6. A banana
    Dreams do come true
  7. Super important business banana
    Same banana as previous...with with a clip on tie and a lot of attitude.