idk how to spell millennial - too lazy to check but:
  1. junior year of business school and friends starting to dress up in suits and shit
  2. getting ready for jobs and internships
  3. meanwhile im here doing nothing
  4. really have no motivation to look for these corporate jobs and go through the networking bullshit
  5. Startups? Hm..interned at one last summer but...nah
  6. I feel like going into any of these jobs i'd be doing meaningless work
  7. meaningless to what i want to personally accomplish
  8. maybe its the entreprenuer in me
  9. but its fucking me over
  10. at least thats what people are telling me
  11. "Get your shit together Sam."
  12. In my world that I'm so absorbed in, I envision never working
  13. No I don't want to be a lazy couch potatoe either
  14. But i want to work on the skills and crafts that I love
  15. Starting my own venture, owning a restaurant, creating something disruptive, doing something in the music industry, photography
  16. And somehow make a living for myself with these "projects" I have in mind
  17. "Maybe it would help if I was like IG famous or something"
    How tf do people get there in the first place??
  18. But the sweet devil called reality and making bank...
  19. And I think maybe I should sell my soul and just work corporate for 2 years and make bank
  20. if that were that easy to begin with
  21. See I just hate it too much to work hard for something I know I'm not passionate about
  22. But student loans and things..
  23. And society telling me that I need to have "a job" to be a person
  24. Call it a early twenties crisis
  25. Call it what you what
  26. Yeah I probably am that naiive fool who just doesn't know what it's like out there yet
  27. And hell, I'll probably see this in a couple of years and think wow you were so naiive
  28. But am I really though??
  29. *rambling*