1. No one is fact checking you every step of the way.
    Do the minimum amount necessary to move forward rather than perfecting every step if the way.
  2. Work hard but be casual about it.
  3. Share your ideas/visions with everyone.
  4. Don't look to others to think/do.
    Think/do yourself.
  5. Approach(avoid) trends with caution.
  6. Think about why/how. Not what.
  7. Make email inbox = 0 daily
  8. Write things down and put them on your wall.
    You're 8x more likely to get it done if you wake up every morning and see it.
  9. Take advice with caution.
    If you're given advice you're unsure of, in the end, you know what's best. You can feel it.
  10. Experience isn't always a good thing.
    What happened in the past doesn't mean the same action will produce the same result in the future.
  11. Think long term. Do short term.
  12. Everyone is a resource. Everyone can be a distraction.
  13. Don't skip leg day.