for about my entire life starting from adolescence
  1. Figuring out the truths in life. Bold black and white clear truths.
    Through these truths I try to get at the purpose of life, and how to go about living the life that I want.
  2. But these thoughts always end with questions not answered.
    And deep down inside, I know that on the day of my death bed, I will still be trying to figure this out and know that I never will.
  3. Though it is still hard to not keep thinking about what my purpose in life is.
    Always thinking about the future (something natural for a college student like me I guess because life after student loans seems more pleasant) and how I can enjoy and maximize 'living'.
  4. But right now those thoughts are the things that kinda keep me from living now.
    In the present time.
  5. And whay makes 5 minutes 10 years from now any more important than 5 minutes of right now.
  6. Time will keep moving forward and our sand in our hour glass is inevitably falling down.
  7. I'm not going to force a conclusion, because I'm still figuring out what to make of thesr thoughts so I'll leave it at here.
  8. ...And for me, the truths I have so far discovered in this life is one simple thing:
    That life is what you make it to be.