I've been sick for 3 days now..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  1. Stop smoking
    Utterly failed this one last night. Got way too high b/c of that one day tolerance break and stayed up late instead of sleeping early😔
  2. Eat like a monster
    I believe that stuffing yourself when your sick helps your immune system. Hence, I've been getting some looks walking from the dining hall with 2 meals these past few days.
  3. Soup. Soup. Soup. Soup.
    There's a soup station in one of the academic buildings where I have class. Basically befriended the cashier there because of how frequently I come to drink the soup. Like 4 cups? In a row?
  4. Sweat it out.
    I layer so much that it hurts my back. My philosophy is if I sweat it out I can sweat it out.
  5. Sleep early.
    Yeah. I tried. Harder than you think.
  6. OD on Vitamin C Tablets and Multivitamins
    I get a little crazy when I'm sick. I clearly hate it and I'll try anything to not be sick.
    Preceded with leaving the hot water on and doing some pushups, situps, jogging in place, and meditating in the hot steam.
  8. Tea
    The real decongester.
  9. Cough Syrup
    I feel like this is just a placebo thing. I never feel noticably better after taking in some Robitussin. Also, I try not to take in any medicine if I don't absolutely need it. This includes Advil/Tylenol. My philosophy is that these just relieve symptoms, which I can deal with. I just don't want to be sick.
  10. but how do i actually stop feeling like shit?
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