stoner ish
  1. cinnabons
    boxes of warm cinnabons
  2. ihop
    chicken and waffles
  3. shake shack double burger
    and the one with fried chicken in it and the fries
  4. warm blueberry pie and icecream
  5. pork katsu with curry sauce
  6. Sabatino's 2lb pasta
    Abruzzo style. 2 pounds of it. 2 pound pasta.
  7. grilled clams
  8. LA Kalbi
  9. lasagna
  10. paella
  11. chicken and rice
    the one on steinway in queens. halal pls
  12. water
  13. fish tacos from el Pelon
    with guac
  14. steak plate from el Pelon
    with guac
  15. guac and chips from el Pelon
    with guac
  16. hot apple cider
  17. ginger ale
  18. toblerone
  19. orangina
  20. sweet and spicy jalapeño kettle cooked cape cod chips
  21. bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers
  22. wendy's
    everything on the menu
  23. jambalaya