1. At what age will student loans stop being a thing for me?
  2. If I have a daughter, I may name her Sam(antha)(mie)
  3. Will I ever meet (marry) Jhene Aiko?
  4. Will I overcome my fear of cilantro?
  5. Will I find a way out of a 9-5?
  6. Will I stop thinking about the future?
  7. Will I still be smoking this much pot?
  8. Will I have made peace with my inner demons?
  9. Will I ever convince myself I have found the meaning of life?
  10. Will I be satisfied with the answer I find?
  11. Will I have the power to influence the masses?
  12. Will I become a real voice for the Asian American community?
  13. Will enougy people give a shit about me that I'm important enough to be blackmailed?
  14. Will I ever be blackmailed?
  15. Will I get a divorce?
  16. What if my kids hate me?
  17. Will I be able to buy my parents a nice house?
  18. Will I regret the now?
  19. Will I have created something I'm proud of?
  20. Will I still be alive?