1. In the beginning, quantity/volume over quality.
    When you start exploring your craft, it's important not to get caught up in trying to put out the best thing ever. This usually discourages and deters people from trying and making progress. The aim/expectation for perfection is unrealistic! <Thought inspired by Ira Glass's NPR podcast>
  2. Take time to research/learn.
    Doing your own research is the most important thing. We live in the age of Google and Youtube. We have thousands of valuable resources to help us when we want to figure out "how to make a basic animation on After Effects" or "how to make that water plop sound in Ableton"
  3. Take time outside, time with friends, or any change of scenery.
    Keep your creative juices flowing with changes to your physical surroundings. Pick and choose locations best for you and use this time to meditate, relax, and enjoy/discover/be inspired by some of the creative works of others. Be spontaneous.
  4. Keep passion fueled with habit.
    Schedule specific times in your week to work on your craft. On each session, set a goal to accomplish. The more hours you put in, the better/more familiar you will become with your craft.
    pipelines, pipelines, pipelines. Constantly changing, constantly moving forward pipelines
  6. Ask for feedback [criticism/praise].
    This is also what I view as the first steps of marketing your craft. Also helps to see which way to iterate/improve your skills.
  7. Remember why you're doing it.
    You love what you do! So keep loving it and you'll find success.