1. We keep thinking and our idea of perfection keeps evolving.
  2. It never becomes fully clear because things could always be more perfect.
  3. Perfection can be a motivating factor.
  4. But it should not, and usually does, hamper us.
  5. Fact: Perfection is impossible.
  6. By striving for something unattainable, we cut corners and skip crucial steps. And sometimes make misguided decisions. Or even a lack of a decision because what you envision is not "perfect" yet.
  7. Conclusion: Perfection can help us from staying stagnant in our crafts and can help us take things to the next level.
  8. Conclusion cont'd: But be careful. Perfection is not the be-all/end-all. Perfection should not keeping us from doing/putting anything out there that isn't "perfect" in our minds.
  9. Sometimes, by focusing on what tools/brain power we currently have, without even knowing, we can create things better than perfect.
  10. Things that aren't perfect, but are reflections of us and all our interesting imperfections.
  11. *The last bullet point kinda got a little Bruno Mars-y. I apologize.
  12. -Thoughts by Samuel